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Patient Safety

Brennan TA - Relation between negligent adverse events and the outcomes of medical-malpractice litigation

Bates TW - Improving Safety with Information Technology

Grundmann T - Lohnt sich Qualität?

Grundmann T - Lohnt sich Qualität? Teil 2

Birkmeyer J - Invited commentary: Is it a mistake to focus on errors?

Cathpole K - Improving patient safety by identifying latent failures in successful operations

de Vires E - Development and validation of the SURgical PAtient Safety System (SURPASS) checklist

de Vires E - The incidence and nature of in-hospital adverse events - a systematic review

de Vires E - Effect of a Comprehensive Surgical Safety System on Patient Outcomes

de Vires E - SURPASS checklist optimizes timing of antibiotic prophylaxis 

Englesbe MJ - Seasonal variations in surgical outcomes as measured by ACS-NSQIP

Gawande A - Analysis of errors reported by surgeons at 3 teaching hospitals

Gawande A - Risk factors for retained instruments and sponges after surgery

Gawande A - An Apgar Score for surgery

Ghaferi A - Variation in hospital mortality associated with inpatient surgery

Haller G - Rate of undesirable events at beginning of academic year - retrospective cohort study

Haynes AB - A surgical safety checklist to reduce morbidity and mortality in a global population

Henrickson SE - Development and pilot evaluation of a preoperative briefing protocol for cardiovascular surgery

Hurlbert S - Improving operating room safety

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Kwaan M - Incidence, patterns and prevention of wrong-site surgery

Lingard L - Evaluation of the preoperative checklist and team briefing among surgeons, nurses and ....

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Milstein A - Ending extra payment for "never events"--stronger incentives for patients' safety

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Nilsson L - Implementing a ore-operative checklist to increase patient safety

Paige JT - Improved operating room teamwork via SAFETY prep - a rural community hosp experience

Pronovist PJ - The wisdom and justice of not paying for preventable complications

Regenbogen SE - Does the surgical Apgar score measure intraoperative performance

Rivard PE - Using patient safety indicators to estimate the impact of potential adverse events on outcomes

Rogers SO - Analysis of surgical errors in closed malpractice claims at 4 liability insurers

Rothschild JM - The critical care safety study - the incidence and nature of adverse events and serious medical ...

Senior K - WHO surgical safety checklist has value worldwide

Sexton JB - Error, stress and teamwork in medicine and aviation - cross sectional surveys

Studdert DM - Claims,errors and compensation payments in medical malpractice litigation

Verdaasdonk EG - Can a structured checklist prevent problems with laparoscopic equipment

Wachter RM - Balancing No Blame with accountability in patient safety

Weiser TG - An estimation of the global volume of surgery - a modelling strategy based on available data